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Desperate Thoughts of a Ponygirl
(Thinks) Aargh! No! Gerroff me ya' f---- ing dyke!
 I'm not a damn lezzie! Get your tongue out of me!
Oh, God! I'm gonna cum! This can't be happening! I'm straight goddammit!
I swear, when I get out of here, I'm gonna find the bitch that strung me up like this and -
Oh, Christ! No!...No, no, no ,no-  aw... shit.
Well... now that you've got what you wanted, will you please stop?
Oh, good...Finally... Hey! You're not gonna leave me like this are you? Huh?!
Hullo? Who's this? Oh, it's Mister McDreamy, the blonde bombshell.... You gonna let me down from here? Please?
Why are you undoing your flies?...
Oh... CRAP!'

Taken In Hand Part2
"This is Pamela, our baby. We keep her like this 24 hours a day. When she's not in her play pen she's caged up and strapped down in her cot.
 We used to make her wear a nappy, but that was too much trouble; so we give her a soap water enema twice a day and fit her with a butt plug.
 The surfaces of her cot and playpen are waterproof so it's just a matter of wiping away her pee with a cloth and some disinfectant.
 We've made up a supply of her baby formula to feed her while we're away and instructions on how to make some more if we're delayed coming back. Feed her twice a day, same time as the enema and remember to give her a cavity search before you fit the butt plug.
 The baby suit never comes off except in an emergency. If you do have to take it off her, she's to be sedated first - There's a hypodermic with the prescribed dosage in the medicine cabinet.
 You'll also find the cabinet contains a sealed jar with a fresh naga chili in it. If she gives you any trouble, you're to shove it up both her holes for twenty seconds - She'll be a nice, quiet little baby after that experience.
 Pamela, this is Mrs. Wilberforce. Mrs. Wilberforce has agreed to look after you while we're away in exchange for our offer to pay her medical expenses... Her poor daughter was the victim of a hit and run accident...."

ARTIST'S NOTE: The concluding sequel to Taken In Hand - I just had to do one of Pamela in her baby suit. Enjoy; Integral.
Taken In Hand
"Awake now, are we? Can't move? Can't speak? Well that makes a welcome change Pamela; because your father and I have just about had enough of your antics and your lies.
 It's been bad enough with your constant partying and the drugs but this time, THIS time, you've gone way beyond too far.
 There's a young woman lying in hospital in a coma because of you and while the police haven't yet identified the hit and run driver we're sure it'll only be a matter of time before they learn it was you.
 Well it's time we took you in hand. We're not going to let you go to prison, but we're also not going to let you get away with what you've done. We've had this room secretly converted just for you. We've even hidden the doorway behind a false wall so that if the police come calling and decide to search the place they won't find you hidden away in here.
 As for your inability to move and speak, I suggest you get used to it. We've thought long and hard about where you went wrong and we've finally realized that the only time you weren't a complete pain in the arse was when you were a little baby.
 So that's what you're going to be from now on - A baby, as helpless little baby who can't talk or move or cause harm to anyone or anything. You'll divide your time between the cot and the playpen. We've arranged for someone to make a custom baby suit exactly to your measurements and when it's finished you'll be practically sewn into it, rendering you totally helpless.
 You'll eat like a baby, you'll sleep like a baby and you'll piss and shit like a baby and you'll stay like this at least for as long as that poor woman stays in a coma. I don't know how many years you'll do behind bars if the police catch you, but I'll definitely find out and you'll be spend just as long as that inside this room.
 And if your victim never regains consciousness or just plain dies, you'll be here for the rest of your life.
 So get used to your new life, Pamela. You never bothered to grow up and now you never will!'


ARTIST'S NOTE: It's high time I did another adult baby render so here we are. Enjoy; Integral.
Settling In
"Your step-parents must really love you, arranging for you to be committed to our establishment, rather than some state-run facility. I guarantee that we'll take good care of you during your stay here.
 Your step parents have requested the full privacy package, so you won't have to worry about news of your condition getting to the media. You'll have absolutely zero contact with the other patients, and you'll be permanently masked so that even the doctors and nurses won't know who you are.
 Because of your reported violent tendencies and habit of screaming the place down, you'll be permanently straitjacketed and confined within a soundproofed, padded cell. We'll also arrange for our surgical nurse to suture your vocal chords to stop you trying to sweet talk your way out of here during feeding time.
 Your cell is windowless and permanently lit and you'll be fed and attended to by the nurses at irregular intervals so you'll loose all track of time and won't go stir crazy.
 And don't worry about personal hygiene, because we'll simply drug your food and drink when we need to change your restraints and bathe you.
 As for you sexual needs; once we've determined what they are, I'm sure we'll find a male.. or female nurse who can satisfy you.. but only if you're VERY good.
 Now, we'll just turn you around so your step parents can wave you goodbye one last time and then it's off to the surgical nurse and you padded cell.
 Don't worry, we'll soon have you settled in and you'll only be in here until you're cured... or the money stops coming in... which is basically the same thing..."
Canyon Rendevous
 George awoke to the sound of the bolts being drawn open and quickly screwed his eyes shut as the door to his box was opened and the sunlight came streaming in.
 He had no chance to adjust as Madam Irma reached in and grabbed the end of his leash - She never gave him a chance to do anything. George was always bound or hobbled or most usually chained to something to deny him any chance of escape or resistance.
 Irma had seemed so nice at the Fetish Farm where they had met.
 It had been a bit like speed dating, only there they had compared each other's kink, rather than their likes and dislikes. He had wanted to experience being a human pony and she ( she said) had wanted to be a ponyboy's trainer. George had enjoyed the first few days there, with Irma hogging most of his time teaching him dressage. She had even persuaded him to take part in the mock auction, where she had made the winning bid.
 Then, after the festivities were over, she had led him by the reins to a secluded spot near the vehicle parking spot, plunged a needle into his thigh and he had woken up to find himself trussed, gagged and buttplugged inside a tiny cage in the back of a Winebago.
 And when they finally arrived at her lil' ole ranch in the desert, Irma showed George what she was really like.
 She had forced his hands to tight fitting bondage mitts and kept him shackled and restrained at all times. She had shaved him bald and forced him to wear high heeled platform boots all the time. The pony training had resumed, but with any protest, any resistance or infraction being slapped down with one cruel beating after another.
 Only when he had done everything exactly as she had ordered, did she show anything of the person he had first met at the Fetish Farm.
 But that didn't stop he violating him with her strap-on, or staking him out all day under the desert sun or locking him inside his box at night where he was force to endure the smell of his own sweat, piss and excrement....
 Irma dragged him out and hitched him to the little pony cart intent on taking him for another trek through the desert. To George the first of these forays had signalled an opportunity for escape, that is until he realized just how far into the arid wilderness his prison actually was.
 Now each trek was a reminder of the hopelessness of his plight.
 He stood motionless as she shackled his wrists to the shafts of the ponycart and attached the chain reins to his bit; trying not to react as she reached under his caged penis to give his balls a painful squeeze. He wanted to tell her to stop, that she had finally broken his will, but he knew that even the slightest deviation from the behaviour she expected of him would result in yet another vicious beating with whatever instrument she had to hand.
 Then she climbed into the cart and, giving the reins a hearty flick that pulled the bit hard against his molars and brought the links slapping painfully against his shoulders, they set off.
 It was a new route that she took him down this time, towards the rocky his west of the ranch.
 Soon they were trotting along inside a high, narrow canyon, filled with deep shadows, his footfalls echoing off the steep walls.
 Presently, they came to an open space within the maze of rock where, incredibly, a rickshaw was waiting for them.
 They pulled alongside and George found himself meeting the gaze of a corseted, leather bound ponygirl, her reins being held by a muscular 'cowboy' dressed in leather and rubber.
 "Take a good look at that pony, Asshole." said Madam Irma; "He's your predecessor."
George looked again and saw the leather cage manhood beneath the corset.
 "You might think by now that I've broken you." she continued; "But you're not halfway as broken as I want you to be. When I've finished with you, you'll little more than a piece of meat, a robot; which is when having you around will start to get boring. That's when I'll pass you over to Gabriel, here. I like turning people into ponies.. He loves turning ponyboys into ponygirls... Then he sells his finished works to rich guys and girls in Asia who love the idea of owning a western ladyboy pony. So take a good look, 'cos that's what you're going to end up as, pulling a rickshaw all day, giving deep throat and taking it up the ass 'til the day you die.  And you'll enjoy it... You  really will, if you know what's good for you.
 And don't think I'll miss our time together because I won't. There'll always be another gullible little prick like you arriving at the Fetish Farm next year."

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but my Gallery page is being inundated with blank advertisement boxes.
It used to be just that little advert in the top right hand corner of the page but since yesterday...
The front page is okay.. but then I click on the Gallery button to see my works and what I get are the three latest panels at the top of the page, a big blank advertising block under them, more of my images and then an increasing number of across the page blank boxes as I scroll down to the bottom where the page selection buttons are missing. When I scroll back up, all my art is gone and there's nothing but big blank boxes with the little x's which highlight to tell you that you can be rid of adverts if you buy a core membership.
The 'Submit Art' panel is also missing and I can only view all of my gallery pages if I access them through the 'Edit Gallery' option.
I've found I have a similar problem viewing other galleries as well.
I've checked my browser for Add-Ons, but all I have is Norton which has been there forever.
I've also scanned my systems for malicious software and not found anything with either of my security packages.
The problem, I can only conclude, lies in the DeviantArt website. If that's true, some of you reading this journal may be experiencing problem right now.
I've notified the Help Desk, but they haven't replied yet, so maybe a little reassurance from my fellow site users would be welcome.
 Yours; waiting for things to return to normal; Integral.



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