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The Trophy Husband
 Meet Yukimi Matsuoka and her husband, Yukio... and her wife... Yukio...
 Um, this is a bit confusing.. Bare with me...
The picture of corrupt innocence in red is Yukimi Matsuoka. Got that?
 Okay, now the leather bound creature in the patent pony boots and the big spikey leather look-but don't-touch chastity affair permanently encasing his wedding tackle is her husband: Yukio Matsuoka. Understand?
 Good. Now the tricky part (I do SO hate having to explain family group photos), the hot minx in the black leather ensemble, lustrous mop of hair and strap-on affair that leaves nothing to the imagination is Yukimi's WIFE: Her name used to be Ikuko, but she changed it to match the husband's. GOT that?
 Yukimi and Ikuko were deeply in love, but weren't prepared to wait for Japan to recognize same sex marriage and grant them the same rights as ordinary couples were entitled to.
 So to achieve what they wanted ( and to cock a snook at Japanese society ), they decided to circumvent the legal barriers by acquiring a Trophy Husband.
 They went trawling the big city for some gullible male and while Yukimi swept him off his feet and dragged him to the altar, Ikuko set about stealing his identity.
 In truth this picture is about the girls, not the gullible gimp in the middle. The poor deluded git is trapped in the pony outfit simply because each of the girls has a thing about pony slaves, but neither wants to be the pony.
 And so Yukio (the pony) spends his dates confined to the cherry orchard, locked in a cage in the shed at night. The closest he has come to having sex with either of them, let alone his wife is when they allow him to use his normally constrained tongue on them. That and when Ikuko straps on and rides him after his morning enema to loosen him up for his butt plug - Like the leather chastity case, it's a way of showing him who's boss (As is the inflatable bladder crushing his manhood within its rigid leather prison).
 So there you have it: Two girls in a same sex marriage where same sex marriage isn't recognized with all the benefits that would come from a straight one.
 And the husband? Well if he's very, very good; they'll let him watch when they make out in the cherry orchard.


ARTIST'S NOTE: One of a number of posts that were delayed while I was dealing with Sylvia and her mum in the 'Wrong End of the Stick' series (Still trying to think of a way to reunite them other than having them share a shelf between the Winalot and the Pedigree PAL).
Enjoy; Integral.
 "They're still not picking up... It's just voicemail."
 "Try again later; maybe they're out."
"This IS later and they're still not answering the phone; just like last time and the time before that."
"Well - "
 "I TOLD you not to hire them as housesitters, especially Jolene; she's been known to hang out with the wrong crowd..."
"Oh, come on -"
"No! It's true! You know what happened to the Gunderson's place while they were away -"
 "Jolene had nothing to do with that -"
 "No, but some of her friends did - Answer the phone, damn it! Voicemail again... right that does it!
 Jolene! Arabella! Pick up the damn phone! If you two have been holding a rave in my house I swear you'll suffer for it! DO YOU HEAR ME?!'
Sylvia's Fate Part2
 But behind the scenes, Sylvia's lot is just as brutal and miserable as her mother's.
 Her owner has an opinion about how a pony slave should live:
 As horses sleep standing up in the stables, so should the pony slave. And so Sylvia spends her nights strapped to a standing frame, with a wedge shaped bar the only support for her groin as her legs tire out. The ballet boots remain on, painfully distorting the shape of her feet.
 And there are the other things...
The alterations to her face came at a price. She can no longer eat solids, so she has to be fed liquids via a tube down her throat. There is no threat of her choking however, since her surgeries also included the removal of her larynx; so that she now breathes through a aperture I her neck...
 And then there's the consequences of the attentions of the male guests, particularly the ones who insisted on riding her 'bareback'...
 Sooner or later, she had to become 'with foal'....
 And since there was now way they would allow her to be able to breast feed her offspring, alternative arrangements had to be made...
 Yes, Sylvia's lot is fate is just as brutal as her mother's and if some vestige of sanity remains, she's probably wishing her mother had done some research before signing her up at those pony stables....

ARTIST'S NOTE: I started doing a render to explain Sylvia's fate and found I couldn't fully express the horror of her predicament with just one illustration.
 I'm going to have to leave them like this for a while, at least until I can work out a way to reunite mother and daughter for a particularly bizarre ending.
 In the meantime, enjoy. Integral.

Sylvia's Fate Part1
 By contrast to her mother's predicament, Sylvia's own fate outwardly appeared to be a better one.
 She became as promised, the pampered pet of a western hating East Asian Millionaire; but there had been no mention of the surgery required to turn her into that pet.
 Her face is no longer recognisable, thanks to the reconstruction of her jaws. Her breasts have been enlarged and her ears reshaped. Her whole posture has been altered.
 She is now a party piece at her owner's soiree's, being paraded around the high walled gardens while guests queue up to ride her as she staggers about in her metal ballet boots.
 And then there are the attentions of the male guests...
The Fate of Sylvia's Mum
 True to the promise of their captors ( and because yours truly had already started on this image before some of my fans and voyeurs requested otherwise), Sylvia and her mum were sold off and sent their separate ways.
 While misery loves company, being separated form your nearest and dearest and not knowing what kind of fate they're suffering is worse than being together and sharing their each other's misery.
So here we see the fate of Sylvia's mum: Forced to walk across the millions of acres of private ranch land, following the path of the vast herds of cattle so that her owners can collect the fresh cowpats to fertilize the ranch owner's wife's rose garden.
 She is tormented by the sun, the intense heat; the chaffing of her sweat soaked leather restraints; the effort of walking only on the balls of her feet in her pony boots and the wide, jaw stretching feeder gag....
 But worst of all are the flies. The tormenting little monsters are attracted by the pungent smell from the gradually filling trash cans of cow shit and then by the salt and sweat oozing from her body...
 And they get EVERYWHERE. They swarm around her head and snuggle up to her crotch and arse and perch under her armpits and everywhere else the sweat runs down.
 And worse of all they climb inside her mouth through the gaping aperture of her feeder gag.  No wonder so much thick drool is pouring out of her mouth as she tries not to choke.
 And that's just her daytime ordeal.
 Sylvia's mum has to contend with invaders of the two legged variety when they catch up with the ranch hands and bed down for the night...
 At least she's consoled by the knowledge that her daughter's fate can't be anywhere as bad as her own....
 Well can it?

ARTIST'S NOTE: I actually started this image before I had finished the previous render, so keeping the two together was never going to be an option. Now I'm lumbered with the burden of thinking up a suitably nasty fate for Sylvia as well; though you'll have to wait a couple of weeks while I mull things over.
                                                            Yours; Integral.
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but my Gallery page is being inundated with blank advertisement boxes.
It used to be just that little advert in the top right hand corner of the page but since yesterday...
The front page is okay.. but then I click on the Gallery button to see my works and what I get are the three latest panels at the top of the page, a big blank advertising block under them, more of my images and then an increasing number of across the page blank boxes as I scroll down to the bottom where the page selection buttons are missing. When I scroll back up, all my art is gone and there's nothing but big blank boxes with the little x's which highlight to tell you that you can be rid of adverts if you buy a core membership.
The 'Submit Art' panel is also missing and I can only view all of my gallery pages if I access them through the 'Edit Gallery' option.
I've found I have a similar problem viewing other galleries as well.
I've checked my browser for Add-Ons, but all I have is Norton which has been there forever.
I've also scanned my systems for malicious software and not found anything with either of my security packages.
The problem, I can only conclude, lies in the DeviantArt website. If that's true, some of you reading this journal may be experiencing problem right now.
I've notified the Help Desk, but they haven't replied yet, so maybe a little reassurance from my fellow site users would be welcome.
 Yours; waiting for things to return to normal; Integral.



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